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As a company that specializes in planting huhuba plant (jojoba) and manufacturing plant products, from a group of Jordanian and Egyptian investors who believe in God and their country and do not aim for a quick profit but rather they aim to serve their country, its youth and its future, then the abundant profit, God willing, is located in Jordan (Amman, Marj Al-Hamam). Where the company adopted the Huhoba plant, which is one of the most important new artificial plants in the world based on the view of its owners that this plant is suitable for agriculture in Jordanian and Arab deserts and provides us with a great comparative advantage in its cultivation and excellence in the world, which leads to achieving stable revenues from Zara Dementia and the provision of raw materials for new industries capable of local and international competition within the framework of the global trend to return to nature and dependence on natural raw materials in many industries. A previous study was conducted for a continuous period of five years by the Board of Directors Wasfi Al-Aqrabawi, Shaher Qutaishat and Engineer Amr Saad: He owns more than 12 thousand acres planted with jojoba plant in Egypt and a major investor in the project: about the jojoba plant in the Middle East and Europe, where contact was made with several factories and mills in China and Australia and others, buying samples of oil and other jojoba derivatives and studying The right climate The plant, where we found that the climate of Jordan is one of the best means appropriate for its growth, as the valleys were taken with an eye for their excellent climate, and we can also take advantage of its wells or use the sewage water for this plant, as well as Aqaba and the desert, and how it is possible to use solar energy to help grow plants. The company has established three axes of research and applications, the first of which (short-term) through which research is carried out to develop agriculture to reduce the cost of production and increase its rates, and through which research is carried out in the field of medicine, pharmacy and cosmetology, due to the limited need of these areas to quantities of oil. As for the second axis (medium term), research is carried out on selecting high-yielding varieties and reaching the highest productive varieties in the agricultural field, while in the field of applications, research is carried out on the use of oil in the field of packaging fruit for export and natural pesticides and raw materials for many industries, and in the field of oil additives Engines and industrial oils, because these areas need medium oil quantities. As for the third axis (long-term), research is carried out on the use of oil in the field of motor and fuel oils, in addition to the use of gaining in the field of fodder and the treatment of some incurable diseases, due to the need for these areas to very large quantities of oil, and this means that if all Arab deserts were planted with this plant There will be no problem in exploiting its products. The company relies on the superior youth in conducting scientific research in all fields to develop agriculture and develop new products and manufacture them and open domestic and external markets for them in an integrated system through which many achievements are achieved where we hope this plant will be from a They are the crops in the Jordanian and Arab deserts, and it provides raw materials for the industry, and it will be the future alternative to petroleum, God willing

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