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Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of jojoba oil is evident from the numerous analyzes, scientific reports and various uses, including:

1. Jojoba oil, liquid wax as found in the whale, amber type.
2. It does not contain triple triglyceride, which causes arterial blockage and heart problems. Therefore, quantities of it can be used by frying with olive oil.
3. It contains vitamins that prevent oxidation, including the group of vitamin E and polyphenols, and a laboratory analysis in Japan confirms the excellent features and this good property.
4. Jojoba oil is distinguished by its boiling point of 389 ° C.
5. Jojoba oil as a liquid wax. Drinking a tablespoon of it helps prevent constipation and indigestion.
6. Jojoba oil (Huhoba) is not like vegetable oil, it is not an oil as we have shown and its atoms are straight compound and not branched like vegetable oils, and for this it enters the skin and skin quickly without leaving any trace of oily.
7. Jojoba oil is a pure golden color used as one of the components of cosmetics, shampoo and massages to prevent joint pain, roughness of hands, dry hair and scalding in children. For the quality of this oil and its high cost, it is vulnerable to fraud by adding cheap oils to it.

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