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Jojoba oil or what is known as "Desert Gold"

There is no doubt that the hohoba plant (jojoba) represents one of the important new hopes for the development of Jordanian and Arab deserts, which allows us to take advantage of our strengths and open new horizons for agricultural development and agricultural industrialization through scientific research to reach new products that are environmentally friendly in all areas and capable of global competition.



The amazing benefits of Jojoba Oil for hair and skin

Jojoba oil is an oil extracted from the fruits of the perennial jojoba plant that grows in North America, and jojoba oil is characterized by its properties that help to treat many of the problems that may suffer from the skin, such as grains, and dehydration, and for this reason there are many people who cannot dispense About it on their skin care routine, specifically facial skin.

Moisturizing the skin

Moisturizing the skin

Jojoba oil contains large amounts of ceramides that cover the skin cells responsible for hydrating the skin. Jojoba oil absorbs quickly into the skin cells, leaving no oily residue on the skin, which acts as a buffer against moisture loss. Besides, it helps soften the skin and restore its vitality. Also, jojoba oil is a natural remedy for eczema, which occurs as a result of moisture loss.

Hair Shining

Hair Shining

Jojoba oil acts as an excellent hair serum, keeps hair healthy and shiny. It is also excellent for dry hair. Use it on your entire hair for shine and softness, and you can use it on the edges only to soften it.

Treats Skin Diseases

Treats Skin Diseases

Jojoba oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness caused by some skin diseases, and it has the ability to treat many skin diseases that may affect the face, such as eczema.

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging

Jojoba oil is effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, thus making you appear younger. This oil is rich in vitamin E, which works to fight against harmful free radicals that cause skin aging. To get the most benefit, use the oil as a moisturizing cream daily.

Treat Acne

Treat Acne

It is an oil with sterile properties and helps in the treatment of acne. Where jojoba oil cleans the affected areas and closed pores, and leaves no trace. Apply jojoba oil to the affected area at night and rinse with water in the morning when you wake up.

Hair Grow

Hair Grow

Using Jojoba oil regularly is an excellent way to stimulate hair growth. It is known that the natural oils that are secreted into the scalp help moisturize the hair and keep it healthy. But sometimes, the increased secretion of these oils may cause the hair follicles to become clogged, leading to hair loss and brittleness. After that, the rate of hair growth decreases due to the clogging of the hair follicles. Jojoba oil helps prevent hair loss and thinning due to clogging of hair follicles.



Jojoba tree features

A Jojoba tree is a tree that is very durable to the environmental conditions and its severity from heat, cold, or salinity, and its oil is used in the cosmetic industry and does not complain even if it is irrigated with wastewater and produces oils that are suitable for fuel. It is perhaps the most lifelong tree, as it continues to bear fruit year after year for more than a hundred years!


Jojoba trees


Jojoba oil is one of the best oils that moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft. It has also been used for hair care, as it prepares many cosmetics and hair care products as well, due to its many benefits in keeping skin and hair moisturized. Jojoba oil is very similar in composition to the natural oils that are secreted into the skin and hair cells. Therefore it can be used as a substitute for natural oils in the case of dry skin or dry hair. It can also be used to control excess oil secretion into epidermal cells. Besides, it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and non-toxic, which makes it very useful for hair care, skin and whole body.


Environmental needs

Jojoba plants grow in their native habitat between latitudes 23 and 35 north. Until the successful cultivation of jujube at 4 latitudes in South Brazil, 10 North in Costa Rica and 18 North in Sudan shows that the plant can grow, blossom and bear fruit under varying conditions of latitude and longitude.

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Our dream is that the huhoba plant is the main crop in Jordanian deserts

and that its products be new materials for many industries that open new horizons for the Jordanian economy



Goals of the company

o Reaching the cultivation of a million seedlings of luxurious production

o Converting useless desert lands into productive green lands

o Supporting the Jordanian economy by providing the products of this plant and its various derivatives

o Opening the door to job opportunities for Jordanian men and women, which reduces unemployment rates

o Spreading the cultivation of the Huhoba plant in the new lands until it becomes one of the main crops in Jordan, God willing (horizontal expansion).

o Conducting research on the plant and its treatments to develop hohoba cultivation in Jordan and increase its productivity (vertical expansion).

o Produce and provide seeds and feminine feminine seedlings from highly productive mothers through vegetative propagation or tissue culture

o Providing technical expertise for all agricultural plant transactions for new farmers and investors

o Helping to establish and supervise the Huhoba farms

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