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Company Vision

  • Reaching the cultivation of a million seedlings of luxurious production
  • Converting useless desert lands into productive green lands
  • Supporting the Jordanian economy by providing the products of this plant and its various derivatives
  • Opening the door to job opportunities for Jordanian men and women, which reduces unemployment rates
  • Spreading the cultivation of the Huhoba plant in the new lands until it becomes one of the main crops in Jordan, God willing (horizontal expansion).
  • Conducting research on the plant and its treatments to develop hohoba cultivation in Jordan and increase its productivity (vertical expansion).
  • Produce and provide seeds and feminine feminine seedlings from highly productive mothers through vegetative propagation or tissue culture
  • Providing technical expertise for all agricultural plant transactions for new farmers and investors
  • Helping to establish and supervise the Huhoba farms
  • Ensure the marketing of the Huhoba crop to new farmers according to international prices
  • The era of Jojoba seeds, refining and production of Jojoba oil (jojoba) according to the highest international specifications
  • Support, encouragement and financing of research for the use of Huhoba products in all fields
  • Reaching new products that use huhuba plant products in all fields and are able to compete locally and abroad and obtain production and use licenses for them.
  • Opening new local and foreign markets for jojoba products

Contact in Germany

Treptower Str. 94
12059 Berlin
Mobile: 004917661826364

Jordan Contact

Marj Al-hamam - Amman
Mobile: 00962-797-608-008
Email :


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